Find Your New Favorite Grocery Store in Lafayette, LA

Find Your New Favorite Grocery Store in Lafayette, LA

Visit Champagne's Market for fresh produce and seafood

Get your shopping done in a comfortable, clean and relaxing store instead of the hectic big-box supermarket you're used to. Champagne's Market offers shoppers a pleasant experience and wide selection of grocery items.

Are you looking for something in particular? Call 337-235-4114 to find out if we carry the items you need in our grocery store in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We make planning weeknight dinners as easy as pie

We'll help you make grocery shopping a breeze. Visit Champagne's Market for fresh:

  • Local produce and seafood
  • Seasoned meats
  • Sausages, pork and chicken
  • Signature beef and chicken patties
  • Ribeye, which we age in-store
  • Prime beef tenderloins
  • Black Angus beef
  • Lamb and beef

Plus, we carry all types of standard grocery items at our supermarket in Lafayette, LA. Visit Champagne's Market today to grab the food you need for the week.