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Make grocery shopping fun, not just another chore. Champagne's Market is the place to be for quality groceries and amazing customer service and to buy wine in Lafayette, LA. We carry a wide variety of deli items, alcohol, baked goods and other groceries.

Looking for something in particular? Call 337-235-4114 right now to ask a salesperson at Champagne's Market if we have your item in stock.

Buy fresh produce, seafood and more at Champagne's Market

We're a family-owned business in Lafayette, Louisiana. Champagne's Market has been in our owner Greg's family for 40 years. No matter how big we get and how many locations we expand to, Champagne's Market will always operate like a local family store. We also offer highly personalized catering services for our customers.

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reasons to make Champagne's Market your new go-to grocery store

Switch from big-box supermarkets to your local mom and pop grocery store in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our regulars love Champagne's Market for our:

01. Selection.

We carry a huge variety of traditional supermarket items, fine wines and cheeses, craft beer and baked goods.

02. Salespeople.

We employ passionate people who love helping customers find exactly what they're looking for.

03. Chefs.

We age our own ribeye, bake fresh bread and sweets and make delicious lunches for our customers in Lafayette, LA.

What are you waiting for? Drop by our shop today to see for yourself why our regulars keep coming back to Champagne's Market to buy wine, liquor & groceries.